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D.H. and others v. Czech Republic, No. 57325/00, ECtHR ( Grand Chamber), 13 November 2007


Placement of Roma children in schools for minors with learning difficulties. Unjustified and discriminatory segregation of an ethnic minority.

Normative references

Art. 2 Prot. No. 1 ECHR
Art. 14 ECHR


The placement of a disproportionate number of Roma pupils, without any justification, in special schools intended for minors with learning difficulties determines a segregation that aggravate their difficulties and compromises their subsequent personal development, rather than helping them to integrate into the traditional school system and develop the abilities that would facilitate their lives among the majority population. This segregation realise a discriminatory treatment, detrimental of art. 14 of the ECHR and art. 2 of the first additional Protocol the ECHR.