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Brind v. the United Kingdom, dec., No. 18714/91, ECommHR, 9 May 1994


Prohibition on broadcasting any words spoken by representatives of terrorist organisations. Legitimate interference with the right to freedom of expression.

Normative references

Art. 10 ECHR


Measures that restrict the freedom of the press having a very limited impact on the information available to the general public do not breach Art. 10 ECHR. 

(Case concerning a complaint of British reporters about two notices issued by the UK government that prohibited the broadcast of “any words spoken, whether in the course of an interview or discussion or otherwise” by representatives of terrorist organizations of Northern Ireland or by political parties or any other persons who support these organisations. Although the Commission considered these bans to be an interference with the freedom of the press as guaranteed by Art. 10 ECHR, it also found the violation to be limited and proportionate to the aim of combatting terrorism. The Commission declared the application inadmissible).