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Boffa and 13 Others v. San Marino, dec., Nos. 26536/95 and others, ECommHR, 15 January 1998


Compulsory vaccination and conscientious objection. Interference with private life.

Normative references

Art. 8 ECHR 
Art. 9 ECHR 


1. The obligation to be vaccinated, as laid down in the  legislation  at  issue,  applies  to  everyone, whatever  their  religion  or  personal  creed  Consequently, the Commission considers that there has been no interference  with  the  freedom  protected  by  Article  9  para   1 of  the  Convention. 

2. It must  establish whether the interference permitted under the  San Marino legislation  in issue is inspired  by  one  or  more  of  the  legitimate  aims  referred  to  in  paragraph  2  of Art. 8 ECHR. The  interference  is  based  on  the  need  to  protect  the  health  of  the  public  and  of  the  persons  concerned,  and  so  is justified. 

3. A vaccination  campaign, which  obliges  the individual not  to  endanger  the  health  of  others  where  his  own  life  is  not  in  danger,  does  not  go  beyond  the  margin  of  appreciation  left  to  the  State.