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Aleksei Petruhhin v. Latvijas Republikas Ģenerālprokuratūra, Case C-182/15, CJEU (Grand Chamber), 6 September 2016


Extradition to a third state of a national of a Member State who has exercised his right to freedom of movement. 

Normative references

Art. 18 TFEU
Art. 21 TFEU
Art. 19 CFREU


Article 18 TFEU and Article 21 TFEU must be interpreted as meaning that, when a Member State to which a Union citizen, a national of another Member State, has moved receives an extradition request from a third State with which the first Member State has concluded an extradition agreement, it must inform the Member State of which the citizen in question is a national and, should that Member State so request, surrender that citizen to it, provided that that Member State has jurisdiction, pursuant to its national law, to prosecute that person for offences committed outside its national territory.