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Ghoumid and Others v. France, Nos. 52273/16 and other 4, ECtHR (Fifth Section), 25 June 2020

Type Judgment
Case number 52273/16 and other 4


Revocation of French citizenship of a citizen with double nationality, grounded on participation in a criminal conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism.  

Normative references

Art. 8 ECHR


1. Deprivation of citizenship, imposed by French authorities on plaintiffs, does not amount to a disproportionate interference with the right to private and family life. 

2. The decision to deprive an individual of his/her citizenship does not amount to a disproportionate sanction in case he/she has double citizenship. As a matter of fact, double citizenship ensures that the individual will not become stateless. 

3. The deprivation of citizenship provided by the French Civil Code is not a criminal sanction. As a consequence, the deprivation of citizenship of a person who has already been convicted on a terrorist offence cannot be considered as bis in idem.